My Role

Product designer


Nov 2022- Jan 2023

Project status


Project description

Quicktest is an HR tool designed to streamline the candidate selection process. It empowers HR teams to effortlessly create simple tests that aid in identifying the most suitable candidates for various positions. I assumed the pivotal role of designing the entire web application from the ground up, our mission was to create visually engaging software infused with well-considered design solutions, simplifying the HR candidate selection process.

Team members

Fayas (Senior Designer)

Udhaya (Project lead)

Business Goals

Quicktest was an ambitious "0 to 1" project, initiated by a startup. The founder had a fundamental concept in mind, outlining the target audience for the product. In our role, we were tasked with not only bringing this core idea to life but also innovating by conceiving and developing additional features to complement the primary concept. This collaborative effort aimed to create a comprehensive and highly functional HR tool with a competitive edge in the market.

Making sense of the problem

To understand how these apps work, I started researching similar tools in the market. We made a list of what we liked and didn't like about them and brainstormed potential features.
Since this was my first web application design project, I spent hours talking to experienced professionals to learn how to approach the design process. Their guidance was invaluable.

Basic features

At this stage, we determined that the app should include three fundamental components:
- A dashboard providing candidate information
- A streamlined test creation process
- A dedicated candidate view for user-friendly access


We reached out to HR professionals responsible for hiring at tier 2 IT companies in India, which primarily recruit fresh graduates for roles like data entry. Our research unveiled a gap in the market, with no existing solution tailored to these specific needs. During these interactions, we discerned essential requirements. Recruiters sought a dashboard displaying vital candidate details, such as their name, location, CV, and academic scores. Moreover, they expressed the need to assess a candidate's last salary to determine compatibility, given the relatively lower wages associated with these roles. This research served as the foundation for our feature development

Information Architecture

Our content planning process was meticulous. After extensive deliberation and numerous revisions, we arrived at the following structure.

The first version

With the app's functionality defined, we embarked on conceptualizing the application. Given that it was a web-only application with limited functionality and a highly specific user group, we conceived a bold, experimental, minimal and interactive app concept.


We subjected the concept to internal testing within our organization, and it became evident that the majority of users found it perplexing and unconventional. Given the challenges in comprehension, we swiftly decided to discard the concept and expedite the development of a new one. Our primary focus was speed. We engaged in rapid experimentation with various concepts, working with a limited number of screens, and ultimately identified the one that proved effective.

Visual Style


We opted for the Inter Variable font, offering various weights, sizes, and optical sizes. It not only presented versatility but also imparted a professional appearance to the application.


To achieve a premium finish, we chose to design all the icons from scratch, ensuring a cohesive and unique visual identity.


After extensive experimentation, we settled on green as the primary color. Text elements were predominantly in shades of grey with a subtle touch of blue.

The design

For a SaaS product, the goal is to deliver a clean and straightforward user interface that doesn't overwhelm users cognitively. Users need to engage with the product daily, which underscores the importance of simplicity. Let me present the final design to illustrate these principles.


The client expressed immense satisfaction with the result, leading to the initiation of the development phase. Working for an agency, one of the challenges is not being involved in the entire project lifecycle but rather providing a broad perspective with limited depth. While I would have relished the opportunity to oversee the project from start to finish, sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise.


I was incredibly pleased with the project's outcome. The client, agency, and my team all expressed satisfaction with the results. It was a realization of the paramount importance of speed in the business world. Considering this was my first significant professional project, I take pride in my work. Gratitude goes to the remarkable team that served as the backbone of this project.


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